While mobile technology has revolutionized the way most of us work, play, connect and live, its impact has been particularly strong in the voice-over community.

On-the-go technologies give voice professionals the edge in connecting with clients, finding new work and auditioning for it, recording, editing and producing audio content, and growing their careers in a fast-evolving market.

But how do you know which technologies to use? What questions should you ask? And what answers are you looking for? For all the promise that mobile technology offers the voice professional – and let’s be clear that it is a hugely positive enabler of opportunity and growth for the entire industry – it isn’t always easy to decide what to buy, who to involve, and what direction you need to take to get the most out of it.

Finding the Answers You Need

The Mobile Innovation Summit, scheduled to be held in New York on March 19 and 20, is the only answer you need. Organized by Innovation Enterprise, this leading event will feature presentations by some of the companies who are making the biggest waves in mobile today. Executives from organizations as diverse as The Weather Channel, BuzzFeed, AccuWeather, Warner Bros, Quartz, Sirius XM Radio and others will share their insight into how they’ve used mobile to transform their businesses and gain competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Attendees to the Mobile Innovation Summit will get firsthand guidance into how some of today’s top companies and brands are managing to build and maintain effective mobile strategies as new products, technologies and services continually swirl around them. Presenters will share their experiences in designing compelling mobile experiences, engaging audiences, driving brand, analyzing the data and using metrics to further guide mobile strategy evolution.

The Why of Mobile

Mobile matters as much as it does because audiences themselves are changing. Smartphones and tablets have evolved from feature-limited devices to full-on, high-bandwidth platforms that rival desktop and laptop computers in their ability to deliver rich, immersive user experiences. Consumers no longer “wait until they get home” to interact with a brand online. If your mobile experience can’t deliver the goods right now, competing apps and services are only a tap away.

BuzzFeed, one of the most well-known sources of viral online content, will be on-hand to discuss how it has raised the user engagement state-of-the-art. Ryan Johnson, Vice President of Mobile Engineering, will walk the audience through how BuzzFeed is using innovative mobile products and strategies to drive its brand straight to the heart of an increasingly content-hungry audience.

AccuWeather’s Vice President of Emerging Platforms, David Mitchell, will explain how one of the most talked-about trends in tech, the Internet of Things (IoT), is impacting the delivery of personalized, customized weather content to an increasingly diverse range of devices, including smartphones, smart homes, connected cars and even wearables. As IoT takes its place as an important driver of next-generation business, you won’t want to miss hearing from the companies that are making it happen today.

Growing the Voice Universe

All of this has tremendous implications for the voice community. The rapid expansion in the sheer number and capability of mobile platforms and their penetration into new markets is already opening up tremendous new opportunities for projects that require vocal content. For content producers with a focus on innovation, the landscape continues to grow. For voice talent looking to stand out from the crowd, mobile platforms open up new avenues to establish unique career paths that didn’t exist a few short years ago.

Whatever side of the voice equation you happen to be on, the Mobile Innovation Summit will open your eyes and help you focus your mobile efforts.

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